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Aljazeera Media view : coronavirus

Al Jazeera Media View interview with @Kirby Prof Raina Macintyre on coronavirus . China has confirmed human to human transmission of deadly coronavirus Watch the interview https://… more
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Coronavirus outbreak in China

Coronavirus Outbreak in Wuhan China.Watch BBC Interview with UNSW Prof Raina Macintyre . WATCH You tube video
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New SARS-like virus spreads in China

Joe O'Brien speaks to Raina Macintrye, a professor of global biosecurity at the University of New South Wales. On coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan China. WATCH the interview
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Measles alert for parts of Sydney, Wollongong

Despite measles being officially eradicated in Australia in 2014, the epidemics overseas have led to travellers bringing the highly-infectious disease back home. With its high rates of vaccination,… more
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Here's Why Measles Coming Back Is Actually Scary As Hell . The Junkee…

Wondering why measles is making a comeback? In the latest The Junkee Takeaway, Professor Raina MacIntyre talks to Junkee to explain why measles is making a resurgence and how we can tackle it. WATCH… more
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First case of extensively drug-resistant typhoid

First case of extensively drug-resistant typhoid in Australia diagnosed by Sydney doctors Doctors in Sydney have treated the first ever case of extensively drug-resistant typhoid in Australia. The… more