Civilisation has always been collapsing for somebody events the takeaway


The question of whether civilization is on the verge of collapse may be as old as civilization itself. This enduring query brought together a group of panelists that moderator Edan Lepucki called “… more
A child receiving injection 2

Health officials encourage Australians to get flu shot

The age groups most likely to be unvaccinated for measles in Australia Pockets of under-vaccinated adolescents and young adults could be putting the community at risk of contracting measles as… more
A child receiving injection

Northern Territory facing measles outbreak

Northern Territory facing measles outbreak as US and Philippines battle deadly disease’ revival The Northern Territory is taking measures to try to stop the spread of measles in the capital, Darwin… more
Pandemic simulation China

Are we ready for pandemics and antibiotic resistance?

Some researchers argue that the world is overdue for an influenza pandemic. In that event Australian lives would depend on a robust response from health authorities to any deadly new virus.… more
McKenzie Andersen, 10, suffers from acute flaccid myelitis (AFM)

Mum's warning after vicious illness

A mum has warned parents to be vigilant after a vicious illness turned her six-year-old daughter into a quadriplegic in 12 days.“In 2014, children in the US began to be diagnosed with a mystery… more
Healthcare workers checking temperatures in flight

Panorama Swine Flu Everything You Need To Know

Panorama - Swine Flu Everything You Need To Know. Commonly known as swine flu, where did the H1N1 virus come from and what are the symptoms? Prof Raina MacIntyre, Head of School Biosecurity Program… more