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Covid-19 cases on the rise in Australia’s fourth wave

Rev. Bill Crews speaks to Epidemiologist Professor Raina MacIntyre about the Covid-19 fourth wave.  COVID-19 cases are jumping by up to 80 per cent in some states across Australia with… more
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Epidemiologist wins top Eureka Prize

The best and brightest minds in Australian science have been honoured at the annual Eureka Awards. The 2022 winners list was led by Prof. Raina MacIntyre for her Leadership in Science and… more
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The resurgence of monkeypox

Monkeypox virus is classified as an Orthopoxvirus—one which uses mammals as host. Humans are protected against it by the smallpox vaccine, but are becoming more susceptible now due to less… more
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Australian respiratory scientist Guy Marks discusses need for global…

In this video interview, Australian respiratory physician and environmental epidemiologist Professor Guy Marks speaks with the World Socialist Web Site about a recent statement issued by himself and… more
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What can Australia learn from Europe's fourth COVID wave?

A fourth wave of COVID infections in Europe has brought on heightened restrictions and even a lockdown in Austria. Hear the interview
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VIDEO: How to avoid COVID-19 spikes as Australia starts living with virus

As Australia learns to live with COVID-19, some are wondering if this will expose us to record waves of infection as we're beginning to see in Europe once again. Professor Raina MacIntyre believes… more