Globe and coronavirus

COVID-19: A conversation with WHO Chief Scientist, Soumya Swaminathan

As COVID-19 continues to wreak devastation around the world, Chief Scientist for the World Health Organisation (WHO) Dr Soumya Swaminathan discusses global epidemiological scenarios, challenges and… more
Bangkok City, Thailand : 03/12/2020 : Unidentified people, Crowd of Thai wearing face mask for health due to Coronavirus Disease or covid-19 and air pollution in mass transit in public. Rush hour.

Should more people be wearing masks, more often?

Coronavirus case numbers have been building and yesterday in Victoria the highest daily number so far was recorded - 317 cases. In New South Wales there are now 40 cases linked to the Crossroads… more

Policy, Guns and Money: Strategic Vision 2020

Listen to the discussion on the big strategic challenges Australia and the world are facing, as we endure the Covid-19 pandemic, a probable worldwide depression and changes to the global order… more
globe and coronavirus

Raina MacIntyre On The Pandemic In Australia| Q+A

Raina MacIntyre advises on wearing masks, a second wave, and "Australia's pandemic endgame".  

COVID-19's mysterious origins

You probably think the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic are broadly clear cut. The virus originated in a live animal and seafood market, in a big central Chinese city called Wuhan, and jumped from… more

Going Viral: Episode 65

Practical tips to reduce the risk of getting Covid at protests or the foot In this episode: – Are we on the right track with regard to lifting of restrictions? – Protest safely: use a mask and… more