Hand in blue gloves holding Covid -19 vaccine vial

Vaccines, stem cells, and the myth of wellness

Recorded via Zoom on August 6, 2021. Thanks to the Byron Writers Festival.   Speakers: Raina MacIntyre – Professor of Global Biosecurity; NHMRC Principal Research Fellow; Head of the Biosecurity… more
Central Station Sydney during Covid-19 lockdown.

The pathway out of the pandemic

While NSW is still trying to contain COVID cases, the Prime Minister last week outlined a four stage pathway out of the pandemic but with no timeline or clear goals yet. Singapore is already… more
Scientists wearing PPE in laboratory

Gain-of-Function: Should supercharging viruses be banned? | DW News

Gain-of-function experiments aim to increase the transmissibility and virulence of existing viruses, making them deadlier for humans. The stated purpose is to better understand pathogens and to… more
Covid 19 Delta variant stain symbol, hand in blue gloves, white card concept words

Top epidemiologist "still hopeful" NSW outbreak will stay under…

A leading epidemic expert says she's "still hopeful" the NSW COVID-19 outbreak will stay under control, despite the Delta strain putting the state at risk of a larger outbreak. Professor Raina… more
NSW parliament building

Coronavirus outbreak shuts down NSW Parliament

The New South Wales Government is resisting calls to lockdown after the State recorded 11 new coronavirus infections overnight. Authorities say they've traced the source of all but one of the new… more
COVID vaccine on pregnant woman

Modelling vaccination plans; development of preterm babies; bronchiolitis in…

Modelling COVID vaccination targets to achieve pandemic prevention and control in Australia; the developmental outcomes of preterm babies is becoming clear; a study on who has followed over 4000 of… more