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Q+A on China – A healthy relationship?

The outbreak of coronavirus has brought Australia’s relationship with China into sharp focus. As the academic year gets underway, our dependence on the Chinese student market is at risk, while… more
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WHO raises novel coronavirus global threat level to 'high'

WHO says current situation doesn't warrant coronavirus being declared an international public health emergency as it's yet to spread widely outside China. HEAR audiotrack
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Face Masks: What Doctors Say About Their Role In Containing Coronavirus

Surgical masks are just a physical barrier that will protect you against "a visible splash or spray of fluid or large droplets," explains Raina MacIntyre, an infectious disease researcher and… more
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Scientists still 'don't know the source' of Wuhan coronavirus

As China takes measures to stop the spread of the virus, health officials are working to understand how it is transmitted. DW spoke with infectious disease expert Raina MacIntyre about what could… more
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Interview on 2019nCoV Raina MacIntyre Jan 26 ABC Breakfast

Watch interview on coronavirus epidemic Raina Macintyre with ABC Breakfast Jan 26 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq6YaatCkm8&feature=youtu.be  
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Aljazeera Media view : coronavirus

Al Jazeera Media View interview with @Kirby Prof Raina Macintyre on coronavirus . China has confirmed human to human transmission of deadly coronavirus Watch the interview https://… more