shop keeper wearing mask

Concerns raised that quarantine hotels are being used for private guests

Epidemiologists are again calling on Australia's Governments to agree on and stick to uniform infection control quarantine standards to protect the nation. More Information FEATURED: Michael… more
Coronavirus artwork

Vaccines need to be studied to assess effectiveness against new variants of the…

The American pharmaceutical company Novavax has released results about the efficacy of its vaccine - claiming it's 95 per cent effective against the original version of Covid-19. But it's less… more
Plastic shields at supermarket

Plastic shields at supermarket checkouts DON'T prevent COVID spreading.

Plastic shields at supermarket checkouts DON'T prevent COVID spreading, says epidemiologist Raina MacIntyre. Raina MacIntyre told Sunrise that the shields, which have been installed at supermarket… more
Air Travelers Wear Masks As A Precaution Against Covid-19

Australians should 'think twice' before booking Christmas flights

Global Biosecurity Professor Raina MacIntyre said, "we've seen throughout the pandemic, we've seen breaches of different kinds and we can expect that, at times, things won't flow smoothly and there'… more
Hand Holding A Smartphone Displaying A Covid-19 Coronavirus Contact Tracing App Vector

Global Biosecurity Professor says for Victoria, 'the contact tracing is…

UNSW Global Biosecurity expert Professor Raina Macintyre says the two things most critical in containing an outbreak are finding all the cases and tracking and quarantining any contacts of the… more
Covid-19 Playground Closure

Talkback — easing out of COVID-19 restrictions

As Victorians navigate their way out of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, public opinion around the country has been divided about the severity of the lockdown. What's the best way… more