Going Viral: Episode 65

Practical tips to reduce the risk of getting Covid at protests or the foot In this episode: – Are we on the right track with regard to lifting of restrictions? – Protest safely: use a mask and… more

What Do We Need To Learn About COVID-19?

Hear from a panel of medical experts as they discuss the next steps in researching COVID-19, to make sure we are better equipped to face the future.

Victorian hot spots in lockdown from tonight but acting CMO questions border…

Victoria has recorded another 73 new coronavirus cases today and residents of Melbourne's hotspot suburbs are preparing to enter lockdown from midnight tonight. Testing, tracing and doorknocking is… more
test tube and glass bottles in laboratory

If we get a coronavirus vaccine, should it be mandatory?

The WHO last year declared vaccine hesitancy a global concern and amid the coronavirus pandemic, anti-vax voices have become louder. So would it be fair enough to make a COVID-19 vaccination… more
elderly person wearing surgical mask , lying on bed

Getting On - Coronavirus advice for older Australians

Around the country Australians are beginning to emerge from their homes, albeit in different stages. But before you start planning that big family celebration take a listen to Professor Raina… more