health care worker holding a cup of coffee

Health staff want automatic WorkCover rights, as new mask concerns emerge

It had been earlier claimed that only a small percentage, up to 15 per cent, of Victoria’s infected healthcare workers had acquired the disease at work. This claim was rubbished by infectious… more
social isolation

How to take care of yourself (and others) in COVID-19 isolation

Infectious disease expert Professor Raina MacIntyre says many of the same measures that keep us safe in public, from masks to the golden 1.5-metre rule of physical distancing, work in private too. … more
wearing face mask

How do I know if my mask actually works? What about the ‘candle test’?

Reports of counterfeit or potentially substandard masks on the market may lead some people to question whether their surgical or cloth mask actually works READ MORE
Melbourne city centre

When an expert thinks it will be safe to say Victoria has passed its COVID-19…

There are early signs Victoria has reached the peak of its COVID-19 outbreak, with three consecutive days of falling coronavirus cases, but we’re not there yet. Professor of global biosecurity at… more
cutting vegetable in restaurant

How restaurants are driving virus infections

Infectious diseases and biosecurity Professor Raina Macintyre of the Kirby Institute said there were a number of ways the virus could spread in a restaurant setting.
surgical masks

Masks for people in coronavirus hotspots

Victoria’s COVID-19 spike and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recent admission that coronavirus may spread via aerosols in certain settings has generated renewed interest in the use of masks in… more