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Inter‐seasonality of influenza in Australia

Check out new publication to determine changes in inter‐seasonal influenza activity in Australia over time. READ MORE. Moa, AM, Adam, DC, MacIntyre, CR. Inter‐seasonality of influenza in Australia. … more
A smallpox pandemic simulation among the first research published in new Global Biosecurity journal.

Smallpox simulation the first research published in Global Biosecurity journal

UNSW research that simulates a smallpox pandemic and its global implications is among the first studies published in the new open access journal Global Biosecurity. Read more
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Anti-vaccination messaging from politicians

Australian parents susceptible to anti-vaccination messaging from politicians The majority of Australian parents are susceptible to influence by vaccine messages from political and medical leaders,… more
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Potential bioterrorist use of smallpox ...

Potential bioterrorist use of smallpox should put world on notice, experts say Generally, the simulation uncovered that for a disease as infectious as smallpox, the most important determinants… more
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Bioterror WARNING: Smallpox attack ..

Bioterror WARNING: Smallpox attack could be CATASTROPHIC for humanity A BIOTERROR attack with the smallpox virus could be “CATASTROPHIC” for humanity and wipe out large swathes of the population,… more
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Terrifying "Exercise Mataika" Smallpox Simulation

Terrifying "Exercise Mataika" Smallpox Simulation Did Not End Well For Humanity Smallpox has been responsible for up to a billion deaths since it emerged around 10,000 BC, before it was finally… more