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Older Australians are being urged to make sure they are up to date with tetanus vaccines following the first death from the infection in decades. READ MORE
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Covid skyrockets to third leading cause of death in Australia

Covid-19 has skyrocketed to become the third leading cause of death among Australians in 2022, raising a dire warning from experts who insist the pandemic is not over despite widespread messaging to… more
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Yes, masks reduce the risk of spreading COVID, despite a review saying they don…

Although there is strong evidence face masks significantly reduce transmission of such infections both in health-care settings and in the community, some experts do not agree. READ MORE
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What is Marburg virus and should we be worried?

An epidemic outbreak of Marburg virus in Equatorial Guinea, Central Africa, was confirmed this week, the first time the virus has occurred there. At least 16 cases have been detected, and nine deaths… more
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How to protect yourself against bushfire smoke this summer

It’s bushfire season. So you might be wondering about the best way to protect yourself from the health impacts of smoke. Read more  
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Can we relax now? Is the COVID-19 pandemic over? Or is it still an existential global threat requiring stringent measures? Is worse to come? Will successor viruses mutate faster than we can find,… more