airborne spread of virus

WHO accused of 'denying science' over airborne spread of SARS-CoV-2

Researchers say there is growing evidence that the virus is released in droplets during breathing, talking and coughing which are small enough to remain suspended in the air. READ MORE
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Is It Time Aussies Started Wearing Masks? An Expert Answers

Walking down a crowded city street in Australia, sure, you'll see a few people wearing masks but not that many.  In some places in the USA, they're mandated, and that's causing a lot of drama. There… more
Coronavirus and analysis patterns

Curious pattern in coronavirus infection rate emerges, hinting it can ‘burn out…

People forget that the Spanish influenza pandemic occurred over a period of two years, and different people got infected in different waves. People who are uninfected will largely remain susceptible… more
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Why Following Coronavirus Restrictions Is Harder the Second Time Around

Even during early lockdown, when there was less confusion about what constituted non-compliance, people were either misunderstanding or flouting the rules. Police issued thousands of infringement… more

Coronavirus: The important virus question Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has…

As Victoria continues to struggle with its rising coronavirus cases, the Premier has acknowledged failures in infection control at two quarantine hotels in central Melbourne. “It’s likely to be from… more
A person taking another person's temperature at airport

States divided on compulsory testing of international travellers

Infectious disease expert Professor Raina MacIntyre, head of the biosecurity research program at the University of NSW's Kirby Institute, said it was vital for all returned travellers to be tested,… more