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Stopping the pandemic

Read an Opinion on The Sydney Morning Herlard by Professor Raina Macintyre "Stopping the pandemic: countries work together on coronavirus control''         
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Should suspected coronavirus patients present to general practice?

Professor of Global Biosecurity and Head of the Biosecurity Research Program at UNSW Raina MacIntyre told newsGP that appropriate health system triage and rapid isolation of suspected carriers is key… more
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Coronavirus outbreak in China

Coronavirus Outbreak in Wuhan China.Watch BBC Interview with UNSW Prof Raina Macintyre . WATCH You tube video
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What is the threat to Australia from the Wuhan coronavirus?

READ The guardian interview with Professor Raina Macintyre, The biggest risk to controlling the virus, MacIntyre said, was a failure to appropriately triage. “We really want to focus on the… more
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Measles alert for parts of Sydney, Wollongong

Despite measles being officially eradicated in Australia in 2014, the epidemics overseas have led to travellers bringing the highly-infectious disease back home. With its high rates of vaccination,… more
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Anti-vaxxers’ claims fuel Samoa measles epidemic, with 65 deaths before…

Public health experts warn the outbreak is a cautionary tale for any nation where vaccination rates drop below 90 per cent The Philippines, which has coverage of just 67 per cent, has the largest… more