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Masks for people in coronavirus hotspots

Victoria’s COVID-19 spike and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recent admission that coronavirus may spread via aerosols in certain settings has generated renewed interest in the use of masks in… more
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‘Worrying’ question experts can’t answer

Professor Raina MacIntyre from UNSW said: "The numbers should start to come down soon. I was expecting to see them come down by now, but the fact that they have not is concerning." READ MORE
Mobile COVID-19 testing

Hong Kong outbreak set to top earlier waves in cautionary tale

“Countries which controlled the disease well in the early part of the year will remain at risk of outbreaks and even sustained community transmission, until we have a vaccine,” said Raina MacIntyre,… more
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Eradication, elimination, suppression: Understand what they mean before…

Read the article written by Anita Heywood, UNSW associate professor and Raina MacIntyre, Kirby Institute (UNSW) head of Biosecurity Program.
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As virus cases rise outside locked zones, here’s why Melbourne and Sydney may…

Raina MacIntyre, a professor of global biosecurity at the University of New South Wales, agreed that the large pubs in Sydney were a concern. “Any indoor environment where a lot of people gather in… more
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Doctors blast 'perverse' rejection of zero healthcare worker deaths…

Doctors concerned about the risk to hospital staff of the coronavirus are calling on the NSW and Victorian governments to commit to a target of zero healthcare worker deaths from COVID-19, as the… more