vials of measles vaccine

Anti-vaxxers’ claims fuel Samoa measles epidemic, with 65 deaths before…

Public health experts warn the outbreak is a cautionary tale for any nation where vaccination rates drop below 90 per cent The Philippines, which has coverage of just 67 per cent, has the largest… more
A child with measles rash on hands and torso

Australia Could Be At Risk Of ‘Imported’ Measles Outbreak After Overseas…

"We have high vaccination rates in Australia, so we would not likely have ongoing epidemics, but measles is spread by travel, so we could certainly see outbreaks in Australia due to travel to and… more
participants of the GAB meeting

Meeting of the TEPHINET Global Accrediting Body (GAB)

The TEPHINET Global Accrediting Body met this week to review and determine the results of the fourth  Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) accreditation cycle. Founded in 1997, TEPHINET is the… more
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Exclusive: WHO, Congo eye tighter rules for Ebola care over immunity concerns

There have been several confirmed cases of relapse with Ebola, including a Scottish nurse here who was infected in Sierra Leone in 2014 and fell ill again 10 months after recovery. But the symptoms… more
Measles rash

Call to prosecute parents who hold 'infection parties'

In tests on animals, five months after infection nearly two-thirds of their antibodies were still missing in action.  "This immune-suppressant effect lasts for years - and is still present up to… more
A child with measles rash

How measles keeps on giving: The virus hobbles your immune system for years

Professor Raina MacIntyre, head of the Biosecurity Research Program at the Kirby Institute from the University of New South Wales, makes the vital point: “At a time when measles is on the rise… more