Cloth masks hanged in sun

Sneeze cam reveals best fabric combos for cloth masks

During the COVID-19 pandemic, cloth face masks became a way to help protect yourself and others from the virus. And for some people, they became a fashion statement, with many fabric choices… more
Family at airport arrival

Covid: How Delta exposed Australia's pandemic weaknesses

"You've got many more partially vaccinated people than you do vaccinated, and even more unvaccinated people," says Prof Raina MacIntyre from the University of New South Wales. "In that sense, the… more
Lockdown Sydney Opra house

NSW announces lockdown for four Sydney local government areas

NSW has announced a week-long lockdown for four local government areas of Sydney, as the state’s outbreak records its biggest rise in cases so far. READ MORE
Sitting ducks

We’re sitting ducks: the case for a short, sharp lockdown to battle Delta…

Opinion by Professor Raina MacIntyre: Here we are on the knife’s edge of a Delta epidemic in Sydney. As always, it was a breach of our borders: this time, one of the forgotten frontline workers, a… more
Sars-CoV-2 virus particles which cause Covid-19 under a microscope

Covid Delta variant is ‘in the air you breathe’: what you need to know about…

Delta strain is significantly more infectious but it spreads the same way as the original virus – including by ‘fleeting’ encounters and respiratory aerosols READ MORE

Lagging vaccine rollout, quarantine breaches threaten COVID-19 control in major…

Professor Raina MacIntyre, biosecurity expert from the University of New South Wales told Xinhua that the latest outbreaks in the most populous cities of Australia are a part of a trend of repeated… more