Aboriginal painting

Influenza vaccination of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults

Despite improvements in vaccine uptake in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, adults experience greater rates of influenza hospitalisation than non-Indigenous adults of the same age. READ… more
Multiple colors vaccine vials with copy space. Coronavirus Covid-19 vaccine candidate concept

Vaccine complacency threatens to undo Australia’s hard work

As UNSW Kirby Institute epidemiologists Raina MacIntyre, Valentina Costantino, and Mallory Trent have shown, the proportion of the population we need to vaccinate to achieve herd immunity varies… more
A person receiving COVID 19 vaccine

Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly's interview on 7.30 ABC on 9 March 2021

Read the transcript of Chief Medical Officer, Professor Paul Kelly's interview on 7.30 ABC on 9 March 2021 about coronavirus (COVID-19). READ
Herd immunity

Why is herd immunity so important?

Prof MacIntyre is head of the biosecurity program at the Kirby Institute at the University of NSW, and is concerned that the AstraZeneca vaccine, which will likely be rolled out early this year, is… more
Jerusalem old city at Temple mount

Is Israel a preview of Australia’s post-vaccine world?

On January 20, enduring its third coronavirus wave under yet another lockdown, Israel recorded its first 10,000-case day alongside more than 100 deaths. Less than a month later, it is slowly… more
Doctor with China flag medical mask isolated on white background

Coronavirus's origins may remain a mystery as the WHO leaves China with…

Some experts are questioning the purpose of the World Health Organization's coronavirus investigative mission to China, which wrapped up this week after months of diplomatic tension with no clarity… more