Personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment

Raina MacIntyre has led the largest body of clinical research on face masks and respirators in front line health workers internationally. Research in this area includes complex cluster RCTs of efficacy of different PPE products, design of more efficient PPE, and modelling to inform policy options.The literature is abundant with RCTs on pharmaceutical interventions for infection prevention, but there is very little evidence on efficacy of non-pharmaceutical measures, of which facemasks, respirators and other personal protective equipment (PPE) are the most important.  Prior to 2009, there were no RCTs of any PPE published, yet PPE is among the few available interventions to protect frontline workers in an emergent epidemic or pandemic where drugs and vaccines may be unavailable, or delayed in development. Facemasks and respirators are widely used in the hospital setting to protect hospital healthcare workers (HCWs) from nosocomial infections. Facemasks are mostly used to avoid contact with splashes and sprays of body fluids or blood, and to prevent spread of infections from sick patients. Respirators are designed for respiratory protection widely accepted in healthcare setting to protect HCWs from acquiring respiratory infections. Respiratory Protection Standards of many countries (rich and lower income) are inconsistent and in some cases have not been updated for 20 years. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of research data on effectiveness of respiratory protection devices and HCW practices. Raina and her team set out to address this important evidence gap with this body of work, which includes 4 RCTs on facemasks and respirators (the largest published to date in HCWs) and numerous other studies. 





This video explains the large body of research conducted by Prof Raina MacIntyre and collaborators on face masks and respirators for prevention of infection. It covers surgical masks, respirators and cloth masks. See below for details of published research in respiratory protection.


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