Raina has worked in immunisation for over 20 years, including 15 years at the National Centre for Immunisation Research. She is the Head of UNSW Vaccine and Infection Research Lab (UNSW-VIRL). She won the peak award for Immunisation in Australia, the PHAA Immunisation Achievement Award in 2014, for her research in adult vaccinology. She has a particular interest in vulnerable and high risk populations, including immunosuppressed, health workers, first responders, migrants and refugees, and adult vaccination with a focus on the frail elderly. Specific vaccination interests include influenza, COVID-19, pneumococcal disease, HPV , measles, hepatitis A , small pox, anthrax and herpes zoster. She has also done vaccine trials in immunosuppressed populations to study the immunogenicity of vaccines against weakened immunity. Methodologies include phase 3 clinical trials, epidemiology, mathematical modelling and translational research. She has done work on vaccine effectiveness of influenza vaccine against myocardial infarction. She led a NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in immunisation for high risk populations from 2012-16. She is on the Council of 100 for the journal Vaccine, the peak journal in this field. She has been a plenary speaker on vaccination at the International Federation for Ageing, The World Vaccine Congress, the Australian Primary care Nurses Association, and Medicines New Zealand Adult Vaccination Symposium.

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Watch: World Ageing Conference-Vaccination gap in seniors


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